Kanu Uncho from Ikki Tousen (Daiki Kougyo Black Miko Version)

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

And the final entry in this week’s Kanu Uncho love affair is here, and nobody can claim that the best wasn’t saved for last. I hesitated to buy this figure simply because of the astronomical price but hey, money is replaceable but sold out is sold out, right? Rather than endure the inevitable mental flagellation that I’d inflict upon my cheapskate self if I let this opportunity slide by, I threw common sense to the wind and picked her up, and now that she’s here all I can really say is daaaayum.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo’s Kanu is sculpted in a manly 1/6 scale, a choice I definitely approve of. Rather than her regulation Seito High School uniform, she’s dressed up in a sarashi and hakama ensemble which effortlessly combines anachronistic fashion with pure sexiness. She also wields the Seiryutou, the legendary bardiche. It fits into a notch cut into her left hand, and the solid design is evident here; with many figures, it can be a pain or hassle to fit a weapon into a character’s hand, but with Kanu, I can easily slip her weapon into her grip by feel in the dark.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

She also carries this thing, which looks something like a kimono, maybe. It’s rather heavy and I had no idea how to attach it to her, but Meronpan’s review of the red miko Kanu was a great help in figuring out the solution. You have to separate her torso and then remove a section of her back. There’s a part in the middle of her back where the long transparent ribbon attaches which you can lift up with your fingernail and thus excise the section.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Speaking of separating her torso, she pulls apart easily to remove her hakama trousers. Her boobs are also swappable. Looking at the above-linked review by Meronpan, it appears the red version comes with a sarashi that entirely covers up the breasts, but this black version lets the nipples peep through. I didn’t notice that before and I spent some time looking through the box, wondering where the PG-rated boobs were.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

She also comes with two sets of naked boobs, one made of firm plastic and one made of a spongy, squishy material. It feels a bit fragile so I doubt I’ll use it.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

In a word, the overall quality of this figure is stunning, and there’s not much for me to say there. The sculpt is excellent as is the paintwork. I love details like the hair ribbon that ties her tresses into a ponytail as well as her tabi socks and sandals.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

I’ve received two Daiki Kougyo figures in quick succession and I’m definitely a big fan of theirs now. This Kanu Uncho is a beautiful figure to behold, not just superior in caliber but absolutely transcendant. The high price tag is a hard blow to absorb but I definitely am not feeling the hit to my bank account as Kanu was worth every dollar.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

I tried to do something a bit more elaborate with my photographs here. When I started this blog, one of my main objectives was to improve my photographic abilities. I studied engineering in school and work as a programmer, and thus I was primarily interested in enhancing my technical knowledge. However, creativity is every bit as important as knowing what aperture size means, and I’m hoping that these photos are a bit more appealing than a solid black or white background. I won’t be constructing dioramas for many of my figures because of the requisite time expenditure but for a high-quality figure like this, I wanted to show it off in as interesting a manner as I could think of.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Meronpan has reviewed the red miko version released a while back. SbebiWan has a review up as well. I’m not sure who else has reviewed this version of Kanu, but I’ll add links here as I come across them, as this figure deserves all the fame that comes its way.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Cast-off pictures inc.

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

In an effort to keep this review somewhat work-safe I’m not going to inline the images with her naked boobs hanging out. Instead, I’ll just link them here:

Picture 1
Picture 2

Daiki Kougyo Miko Kanu Uncho Review

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16 Responses to Kanu Uncho from Ikki Tousen (Daiki Kougyo Black Miko Version)

  1. Leonia says:

    Nice review ! This Kanu version is really nice and sexy, but not vulgar ^^

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    That would please me to be able to make you participate with other authors.

  2. meronpan says:

    yay, you got the daiki kougyou kanu! ^___^ She is still one of my favorites out of my entire collection. (good thing too, given that price tag :P)

    I’ll have to update my review both with a link here and to say, make sure you fit that support pole in! i noticed mine was starting to lean backwards after not having it in for a while ^^;; Well, maybe that was obvious for everyone else, but when I first tried I couldn’t figure how the heck to fit it in ^^;

    love the diorama and the gold detailing on her haori (?) looks fantastic!

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  4. Tier says:

    >> Leonia
    You’ve got e-mail!

    >> meronpan
    Thanks! I’ve still got her in cast-off mode since I need to find a place to put her. I’m rapidly running out of display space and I’m thinking that I’m going to have to kick Mai Shiranui out of her place of honor and put Kanu there, because this figure is amazing.

  5. Shiddo says:

    This black version is awesome, but i dont like transparent oppai bondage ^^;

    Very nice decoration ^^

  6. Blowfish says:

    This is my absolutely favorite Kanu ever made but her astronomical price has kept me from buying her so far and i bet ill regret it when shes sold out.
    Im actually no Kanu fan but shes just such a great rendition of the Manga cover and so superbly detailed that shes a must get

  7. Tier says:

    >> Shiddo
    Haha, yeah, the transparency looks sorta strange. Sometimes it looks to me like her chest is wounded and blood is seeping through her bandages.

    >> Blowfish
    It took me a long time to decide to buy her but I’m glad I did. She’s probably one of my top five favorite figures that I own now.

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  10. Cantan says:

    Yeah this is a damn good looking figure – current number two on my wish list – still want Enter Brain’s Selvaria Bles most of all.

    Very nice photos and the setting does seem very suitable!

    Gotta agree that the bandages should probably be more opaque – the colour coming through is a bit disconcerting. This version was the one I liked most initially, but the red version has the advantage of being loyal to the source material – The Book 12(?) cover or whatever number it is – I could go and check but can’t be bothered.

    Have also seen the purple version of this, but that just appears a little strange – think I’ll have to go for either the black or red eventually.

  11. Tier says:

    Thanks! I guess they figured that they wanted to make the black version a little bit edgier. Or maybe it was a cynical ploy to get people to double-dip after getting the red version, since nothing gets people to shell out twice like boobs. The source is volume 13, I think; I only remember this because I was curious what the asking price is for a used copy so I recently searched for it on eBay and YJA.

    Yeah, I think she looks best in red or black. In fact, I’ve forgotten how good she looks; I ought to rotate her back onto my desk, where I put all my favorite figures of the moment.

  12. The Endless General says:

    This figure still holds a place of honor in my collection (as it should; it was the first one I ever bought). Funny thing about it though; when I initially purchased her she was listed as the black version. Unfortunately when I received her I was surprised to find that it was in fact the red version. I was somewhat irritated at first, but I quickly got over it. Red or Black, this figure is nothing short of incredible (not to mention really f’n expensive; what a place to start).

    • Tier says:

      There are a ton of Kanus out there but I think that this one is still by far the best one. Red, black, or purple hakama, they’re all amazing. I’m really glad I got this figure after I waffled really long and hard on buying her, since paying like $170 or whatever her price tag seemed insane to me at the time. It’s funny how I don’t even blink at that sort of price if there’s something I really want.

      What a place indeed! Kanu Unchou was also my first anime figure (well, the first one that I count, I have some old Sakura Taisen figures but I have no idea who manufactured them) but I got Yamato’s old SIF EX one and it’s not nearly as good, in the same way that Slippery Rock University’s football team is not as good as the New England Patriots.

  13. zzzzzy says:

    I’ve just started collecting figures, and: Damn right you should be glad you bought it! I cant find this one for any cheaper price than 400!
    So which are your top favourite figures?

    • Tier says:

      She is expensive indeed, and rare as hell too. Relatively, anyway. Gee, my favorite anime figures … Uesugi Kenshin takes the #1 spot and has an eternal hold on it. Volks’s Senhime is #2, and I have to re-do her review because I have the original Volks figure now. Two of them, actually. E2046’s Dark Magician was #3, but I’m thinking Metatron might have taken over that spot.

      • The Endless General says:

        I saw this one for no less than $700 when I looked for it again recently lol. I got it for $220 when I bought her two years ago, and I’m sure glad I did.

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