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A look ahead at the future of poverty.

Lacking anything more exciting to do this lazy Sunday afternoon, I thought I’d go through the list of figures I’m thinking about preordering (or have already ordered) and organize my thoughts. Pictures are shamelessly ripped from the sites of various retailers.


Metatron from Demonbane
Preordered. It looks like she’s already in stores so hopefully she’ll get here soon.

Eve from … somewhere
Preordered. She’s really pricy, and she’s my first Daiki Kougyou figure, but I have high hopes that she’ll be high quality.

Hustler from a Happoubi Jin artbook
Preordered. I’ve heard some people say they don’t like her proportions but I think she looks fantastic. I’m definitely looking forward to this figure.

Mecha Nurse from Megami Magazine Creators
Preordered. The tools in the panties is just too cool a detail to pass up. I ordered her from an American retailer so I won’t get her until the summer.

Tamaki Kousaka from To Heart 2
I’m undecided about this figure. On one hand, she looks great, and as the ad copy says, her clothes come off. On the other hand, she runs around $150, which is a helluva lot of money, and I don’t have any particular affinity for her or To Heart 2. On the other other hand, I can’t deny that she looks pretty damn good.

Asagi from Tamainin Asagi
At around $70, this 1/6 scale figure comes in at a reasonable price, but I don’t know that I like her face all that much. I’d prefer that they used the character design from the anime rather than the video game.


Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Oh hey, this is a June release, I should put my order in already. I was thinking of getting Griffon’s gothic punk Mikuru but I didn’t like how her mouth looked. This Mikuru, however, is adorable. I’ve got the feeling that figure reviewers are going to have a lot of fun taking pictures of her.

Saber Lily from Fate/unlimited codes
Still waffling, and I know I’m going to miss the bus on this figure, the way the hype train is carrying it. On one hand, this is a great looking figure. On the other hand I’m not all that big a fan of the Fate/stay night franchise and my figure choices tend more towards the sexy, scantily-clad side rather than the classy, martial, stainless steel-encased elegance that Saber embodies.

Salma from SUN
Preordered. Salma is one of E2046’s ORI figures, and as long as they keep making sexy MMO-inspired figures, I’ll keep buying them.

Villetta Nu from Code Geass
Preordered*. The asterisk notes that I’ve ordered her from Kid Nemo and I’ve heard of people having problems with them. I’ve never had any issues myself, but we shall see. Villetta’s apparently already out in Japan.

Bounty Hunter Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Preordered. She looks fantastic. The only way to improve this figure would be to make it in a manly 1/6 scale rather than a wimpy 1/8.


Akiha Shishidou from Sora Kake Girl
Sora Kake Girl is my favorite anime of this year, but I’d rather have a figure of Akiha in her Q-tector suit. If and when Good Smile Company makes an Itsuki figure, I’ll have that preordered in an eyeblink.

Cammy White from Street Fighter Zero
I like Cammy and I’m going to pick this one up, but what I’m really waiting for is a figure of Cammy in her Delta Red uniform.

Kotonoha Katsura from School Days
I don’t know much about School Days – I’m told it’s by-the-numbers, insipid, and features a generally unlikeable male protagonist – but this video pretty much sells this figure by itself. Kotobukiya should let you replace the cell phone with a machete.

Narika Shihoudou from Beat Blades Haruka
Preordered. Possibly my most anticipated figure on this list. Hopefully Alter will chuck out a Subaru as well to complete the ninja girl trio.

Sasara Kusugawa from To Heart 2
She looks really cute, the way she smirks while tilting her head. I’ve already got one Sasara figure from Griffon, and I’m pretty happy with it, and I’m fairly certain that I’ll be getting this one too.


Black Rock Shooter from some picture, someplace
I haven’t gotten around to preordering this figure, but I probably will. What’s with the scar, is she a kidney donor or something?

Fate Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Something about her face looks odd to me; it might be her nose, which looks a bit long for an anime face. I’m still undecided about this one, as I already have Alter’s other Fate and I’ve only watched a couple episodes from the first series. Why’d they change her name from something cool like Testarossa to the dorky Harlaown?

Iroha from Samurai Shodown
I’m about 99% sure I’ll preorder her, but something about her face doesn’t look right. Her eyes seem like they aren’t centered properly.

Roxanne from Creators’ Labo
I’m a sucker for anything from Shunya Yamashita, especially if she doesn’t wear pants.

Yagyu Jubei from Hyakka Ryoran
I wonder how she pulls out her swords?

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4 Responses to Preorder Outlook

  1. meronpan says:

    i played school days a bit and liked the characters (excluding makoto, of course, though, in his defense, he gets in way over his in head given his social skills. plus, if you don’t like him, there are a few endings that cater to that too :P)… would love a kotonoha figure but this one being koto and all… guess i was hoping for something more… hmmm… epic? i mean, by that i don’t not saying it has to be a machete in hand, blood flying everywhere deal, but something about the koto release just seems too bland for me.

    *ahem* anyhow, moving on… ^^;

    my metatron’s in the mail, so yours should be too, hopefully ^^

    was surprised to see that asagi at that price… seemed like there’d be some terrible defect to be able to get a 1/6 for so cheap ^^; or maybe i’m just so used/conditioned to shelling out over $100 for alter stuff ^^;;

  2. Tier says:

    I think a perfect pose for Kotonoha would have been right when she pulled that cleaver out of Sekai. Now that would have been a figure to remember. Put that in maybe 1/7 scale and it’s be absolutely bloody perfect.

    Asagi is cheap (relatively), I don’t know who’s manufacturing it, and it comes from an erogame … all these things point to disaster, but nonetheless I feel compelled to buy her anyway. I have the feeling that quality isn’t going to be high but I guess for a figure like Asagi, quality isn’t the first thing I’m looking at.

  3. Blowfish says:

    I like most of your Preorders ^_^b

    Be sure to put up a review of Mecha Musume Nana as soon as you get her!
    I was really pondering about ordering her but the price tag kept me from ordering her.Please convince me to order :d

  4. Tier says:

    I will do just that. I kinda wish I’d ordered her from HLJ or Hobby Search so that I’d get her faster.

    Looking back over the list, I forgot a bunch of figures, like Kotobukiya’s Rogue and Black Widow and Wave’s Kyou. This is going to be one expensive summer.

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