Metatron from Demonbane

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Sometimes I hesitate to buy a figure. Maybe the pictures don’t look great, or maybe I don’t entirely trust the manufacturer’s reputation, or – as has become the case in recent months – sometimes the figure costs more than I’m comfortable spending.

And then there are figures that I know I’m going to buy and nothing is going to stop me. Metatron is one such example; from the moment I saw the publicity photos I knew I had to have this figure.

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Metatron is a character from Demonbane, an erogame from well-known pr0n game developer Nitroplus. Their games seem to not have had much mainstream impact – I recall that there was a Demonbane anime but I’m guessing it was mostly forgettable. However, their characters have attained a level of fame far out of proportion to the lasting influence of their sources, with a slew of manufacturers producing figures bearing their likenesses. Alter is no exception, having made figures of Donne Anonime from Satsuriku no Django, Ignis – surely one of the best-known it-girls in anime figure history – from Jingai Makyo, and Al-Azif from Demonbane. Metatron now joins her castmate in plastic form.

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Paint and sculpting are superb, as is usual for Alter. She comes with a circular base ringed with vaguely Greek and Tengwar-inspired glyphs, as commonly seen in anime and video games. One concern I have is that her ankles may be at risk of warping, as only her left foot is firmly attached to the base; her peg leg gets a very thin mounting stub that serves principally to prevent her from rotating on the base.

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

One thing I dislike about anime figures is that sculptors often craft female characters with flyover state-flat backsides. Metatron is spared this indignity, as her rear is magnificently round and very, very prominent. In fact, at the risk of sounding crude and uncultured (two charges that I would not deny), it is not a stretch to say that her breasts and ass comprise her body. It will not take a great leap of intuition for a casual observer to deduce what sort of game she comes from.

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Metatron comes with a couple of attachments that plug into her wrist. The less obtrusive is a short spike. She can also wield this light saber-looking thingy.

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

I’ve only had her for a day and she’s already become one of my favorite figures. Probably not my favorite – I like larger figures – but she is absolutely in the same range.

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

Alter Metatron from Demonbane Review Image

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17 Responses to Metatron from Demonbane

  1. Leonia says:

    Beautiful photos of this very attractive sculpture! Thank you for the presentation

  2. Wolfheinrich says:

    Interesting figure, after I picked up Another Blood, I think I need to do some study on Demonbane.

  3. Tier says:

    >> Leonia
    Thanks for the kind words!

    >> Wolfheinrich
    I always like all of Nitroplus’s character designs. I wish I knew more about their games.

  4. meronpan says:

    nice review! love how the lighting came out. just finished my pics and I think the soft lighting i’m using doesn’t make a good a match as what you’ve done. especially love the pic you uploaded to tsukiboard.

    strangely it wasn’t until i was taking pics that i noticed, wholy crap she’s got some huge oppai (and as you mention, a nice oshiri :P).

  5. Tier says:

    Thanks! I wish I knew how I got these pictures; sometimes my photos come out really nice, sometimes it’s a struggle to get good shots. Like for the demon girl figure, I had to do three sets of photoshoots (admittedly, it should’ve been only two sets because I’m an idiot and erased my memory card before I transferred my first batch of photos to my computer) and I had to throw out a ton of pics because they were too dark or her skin tone looked too pasty or I made poor choices positioning my lamps.

    I think I should’ve tried harder to convey my enthusiasm in my review; this is a really awesome figure. In fact, I think she’s my favorite 1/8 scale figure now. Admittedly, the attributes you mention play a large role in that.

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  7. Blowfish says:

    Totally overseen these!
    Nice review! Didnt know her until i saw her review at Meronpans blog.
    Would love to get her but all those sales lately have hit me quite bad ^^;

  8. Tier says:

    Yeah, it was really hard for me to resist temptation. I thought about getting the 1/6 KOS-MOS and Pixy Hiyori but I decided not to since I’ve already got so many preorders out. I’m hoping Pixy gets discounted at a US retailer, since a lot of them still have her in stock.

  9. mikiwank says:

    Exactly kind of pictures who make me feel so weak. I need this figure ! Wonderful pics 😉

  10. Tier says:

    Thanks! This is a great figure, probably my favorite 1/8 scale figure so far.

  11. Ouroborus says:

    Hey, excellent review. I love her 😛
    Some background info:
    Her Real Name: LEIKA
    Job: Nun (She is blond haired in her true form)
    With Battle Suit: Henshin Warrior Metatron

    Some pics… enjoy:

  12. Tier says:

    Thanks, and thanks very much for the information and the pictures! I was wondering what her background story was, as she seems to be less well known than some of the other Demonbane characters like Al Azif.

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  14. twina.loba says:

    I’ve seen many Demonbane figures -Al Azif-. Orchid Seed is going to release an Al Azif, but I don’t like it.
    I’ve never liked Takuya Inoue’s figures, like the chichinoe girls, kai harn bastard or this Al.

  15. Tier says:

    I like the first Chichinoe girl, uhh, what was her name … man, I forget her name. I’m not as fond of the second one, who was around 1/5 scale and had a really tiny head compared to her body. The first one had reasonably realistic body proportions (besides the huge breats, anyway) but the second one had a huge body and undersized head which I don’t like as much. I kinda like the Al Azif that Orchid Seed is doing – I admire the idea a lot, particularly since I’m sure a lot of loli fans are aghast at how they sculpted her, but I would’ve liked it if her head were more of a normal size compared to her body.

  16. twina.loba says:

    Yep. Their heads are tiny compared to the bodies and that make them look… mmmm… chunky? Is that the word…? Whatever… I really like lolitas, specially when their appearance is childish, like the Rozen Maiden dolls. Orchid Seed’s Al Azif looks mature.
    You’re the best, Tier!

  17. Tier says:

    Yeah, chunky … tubby … hefty, something like that. I don’t mind lolis – young girls, older girls, flat chest, big boobs, I love them all.

    And thanks for the kind words!

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